We built LIRAT.ME to be a hub of everything related to Lebanon coins, we compiled a wealth of information about the subject that we hope that both the public and the professional numismatists will enjoy to browse.

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LIRAT.ME is much more than being a comprehensive reference about coins of Lebanon in a website form, featuring: Interoperability, Authenticity, Originality, State Of The Art, Crowdsourcing, Accessibility and Innovative. Discover its features.



Coin items, series, periods and item sets are structural elements of LIRAT.ME, for a better browsing experience learn more about the arrangement of coins in LIRAT.ME by reading the Structure page.



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Turathium the heritage repository is a project dedicated to support institutions, libraries and individuals to publish their collections online in a form that avails it to the growing network of international repositories. LIRAT.ME is powered by Turathium. Being part of Turathium gives LIRAT.ME an edge in quality of presented information, offered services, maintenance, future development and security.

The Lebanon Coins Reference Collection (LCR)

Lebanon Coin Reference Collection (LCR) is a museum-quality collection of modern-day Lebanon coins. LCR acts as a physical reference in parallel with the virtual collection of coins presented in LIRAT.ME website. Being a reference collection its well-preserved by Turathium. Any change in the LCR is reflected in LIRAT.ME and vice versa. LCR is continuously getting enriched by Turathium through acquiring rare coins and upgrading to a higher grade ones. LCR is curated by Abdallah Absi.

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Turathium and LIRAT.ME are developed by Abdallah Absi.

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Coin photos presented in LIRAT.ME are original photos of coin items of Lebanon Coin Reference Collection (LCR).


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Know more about the crowdsourcing tools available in LIRAT.ME and how can you curate and publish your own collection or get involved in correcting, building up and maintaining the Turathium repository.

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