LIRAT.ME is much more than being a comprehensive reference for coins of Lebanon in a website form, let’s discover some of its features.


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DCMI application

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) has been adopted to publish numismatic data, making it available in internationally recognizable format thus getting it connected with other repositories. Turathium is publishing a report about the application of published standards and best practices for Dublin Core metadata creation related to numismatic and medals repositories. Learn More…


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LCR is a reference collection

Lebanon Coin Reference Collection (LCR) is a museum-quality collection of modern-day Lebanon coins. LCR acts as a physical reference in parallel with the virtual collection of coins presented in LIRAT.ME website. Being a reference collection its well-preserved by Turathium. Any change in the LCR is reflected in LIRAT.ME and vice versa. LCR is continuously getting enriched by Turathium through acquiring rare coins and upgrading to a higher grade ones. LCR is curated by Abdallah Absi.


Lebanon 1/2 P zinc coin issued in 1941

Coin photos presented in LIRAT.ME are original photos of coin items of Lebanon Coin Reference Collection (LCR).

State Of The Art

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Turathium the heritage repository is a project dedicated to support institutions, libraries and individuals to publish their collections online in a form that avails it to the growing network of international repositories. LIRAT.ME is powered by Turathium. Being part of Turathium gives LIRAT.ME an edge in quality of presented information, offered services, maintenance, future development and security.


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Turathium encourages the public to get involved in correcting, building up and maintaining the Turathium repository and makes it very easy for them to be part of the editorial team. Browsers can tag, discuss and add items. It provides interested people with proper tools and support to publish and curate their own collections.


A Circulating Coin Series from Lebanon

While developing LIRAT.ME; Abdallah Absi created a new taxonomy for Lebanon coins, he grouped the circulating coins of Lebanon into 19 series arranged chronologically, creating the Circulating Coin Series. This new taxonomy make it intuitive to track individual coin items and provided the basis to present them in Monnaie du Liban Display System (MLDS). Furthermore coin series are divided into 4 periods.


Absi Code Identifier (ACI) illustration. ACI is used to identify coins

Absi Code is new system used to identify coins, it has been introduced and used throughout LIRAT.ME, it gives each coin a unique identifier, called ACI; short for Absi Code Identifier. An ACI of a standard coin is composed of two parts separated by a dot (for example: 2.1), the first part is the coin series identification number; the second part is a number that reflect the coin order within the series. ACIs are very easy to memorize and can be intuitively used to track any coin. In Turathium repository you can look for any coin by typing its ACI in the search box.