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Turathium encourages the public to get involved in correcting, building up and maintaining the Turathium repository and makes it very easy for them to be part of the editorial team. Browsers can tag, discuss and add items. It provides interested people with proper tools and support to publish and curate their own collections.

Crowdsourcing Tools

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Adding tags: Tags can be added to any item page while browsing.


Commenting: Enrich the information about any item by adding your comments or engaging with other community members in a discussion about any topic in any item page.

User Items

Adding Items: Expand LIRAT.ME by adding your own items. To add an item now, click here.

Share your Collection with the World

If your collection is hidden in a cabinet no one will enjoy it or benefit from it, with a little effort you can share your collection with millions of people around the globe. Turathium team will provide you with proper tools and support throughout the process. You will be the curator of your collection.

With Turathium sharing your collection with the world is just 2 steps away:

  1. Define your collection, aggregate it then digitise it.
  2. Use Turathium to upload your data.

It is that simple.

Having your collection online is one issue but making it available to international repositories is totally another. Turathium reduces the challenges you will be facing such as those listed below to routine tasks:

  • Creation of proper metadata to describe your items.
  • Complying your metadata with international standards will make it available to international repositories such as Europeana, DPLA (Digital public library of America) and to the growing semantic web network of digital repositories this will grant maximum exposure of your collection. The DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) is an established international standard that can be used.
  • Establish the rules that govern the association of the properties that you want to use to describe your resource to DCMI vocabulary.

What kind of collection can be showcased?

Practically most collections are welcomed.  If the content of your collection is rated G (General Audiences) then your collection can be showcased in Turathium.

Start by contacting us

Send us an email describing in a short summary your collection and in no time you will  share your collection with the world:

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