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LIRAT.ME was featured in MAP, Mint and Print International Conference 2018 held in Beirut, Lebanon between 24th and 29th of September 2018.

About MAP

MAP 2018 is the fourth Mint And  PRINT conference organized by the Central Bank of Lebanon – Cash Operations Department. During this session more than 50 central banks exchanged ideas and views in the currency production industry along with more than 20 specialized companies. The conference’s program hosted over 25 selected speakers, representing paper mills, mints and printing and processing companies, offer their valuable insights, analysis and opinions on a wide variety of topics, among those was Mr. Abdallah Absi. founder and director of Turathium and developer of LIRAT.ME, he is also managing director of Absi Co the prominent medal maker and minting house in Lebanon.

LIRAT.ME and Turathium were Featured in MAP 2018

Engineer Abdallah Absi was invited by BDL to give a presentation about the importance of standardization of numismatic metadata namely his work on creating NSR (Numismatic Semantic Recommendations).

What is NSR?

NSR is a document that Turathium created about the application of published standards and best practices for Dublin Core metadata creation related to numismatic and medals repositories. NSR was created while developing LIRAT.ME during the presentation LIRAT.ME was presented as an application complaint with those standards. Learn More…

Sharing Your Collection With The World

Here is the presentation given during the MAP 2018 conference:

To open the presentation in a separate window click the following link:

MINT AND PRINT International Conference 2018 Presentation

Photos From the Conference

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